Your Guide to the Eviction Moratorium

The eviction moratorium has been extended until March 31. What does it mean for renters and landlords? Who is protected under the moratorium? Here’s what you need to know. Key Takeaways The federal eviction moratorium was extended until March 31,… Read More

6 Tips for Creating a Good Relationship With Your CAM

Your association is only as strong as its leadership. Make sure you’re prioritizing these tips when managing the relationship with your community association manager (CAM). Working with a community association manager (CAM) has many perks for your association. These industry… Read More

What You Need to Know About the Fair Housing Act and Discrimination

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing and real estate transactions. Here’s everything you need to know for your association. Whether you’re managing an association or serving as a board member, it’s crucial that you stay aware of changing… Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell My House?

Selling your home? While it’s not a legal requirement in Florida to hire an attorney, it’s a good idea. Learn why you don’t want to try to handle the process on your own. If you’re selling a home in Florida,… Read More

5 Changing Florida Laws That Will Impact Real Estate

Real estate laws are always changing, and Florida has its own set of regulations that residents, homebuyers, and sellers all need to know. Here are the 5 most important recent changes. If there’s one thing that’s certain in real estate,… Read More

The 6 Most Common Code Violations on Florida Properties

Code enforcement may lead to fines and other headaches. Learn what the most common code violations are in Florida so you can prevent them. Code violations are common throughout Florida’s many cities and districts. Local codes put standards in place… Read More

Who Is Required to Attend Property Inspections?

The property inspection helps buyers understand if there are any underlying issues with the home or building. Who needs to be there? Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the property inspection is a key part of the transaction process. Issues… Read More

What’s Included in a Florida Home Purchase and Sale Contract?

A real estate attorney can help you review a home purchase and sale contract, but there are still items and terms to beware. The process of buying or selling a home involves many moving parts. Once the deal is close… Read More

How Summary Administration Can Save You Time

This simplified probate process could save you and your family lots of time in probate court if the estate qualifies The probate process can make losing a loved one much more challenging and emotionally taxing. In Florida, the average probate… Read More

How Are Board Members Elected in My Association?

Did you know your association board election is an annual event? Your governing documents have the answers! Every HOA and condo association board is required to have meetings, including an annual meeting that serves as the association board election. The… Read More


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