Blair Rivera

Legal Assistant

I was born in New Jersey and ended up in South Florida at the age of 4 after my mom’s divorce, so I have basically lived in Broward County majority of my life. About a year after graduating high school I started my family and took some time off of working to be with my 2 kids. When I went back to work in 2009 I landed a temp job at a law firm and have stuck with and grown within the field ever since. I’ve worked in foreclosures, debt collections (while living in California for 2 years), workers compensation (both state and federal), commercial litigation and medical malpractice. I enjoy being in the field and expanding my knowledge and skills in any way that I can. I currently have my AA and am working on my Associate’s in Human Relations in Youth Development. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children and traveling.

Places I want to visit include Jamaica, Maldives, Italy, Dubai, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Poland…. just to name a few!

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