Establishing Values in your Community Association

Businesses use vision and mission statements to create a clear understanding of what to focus on to reach their end goal. An association is a business, too. Associations need to view themselves as a business. There’s not much difference between… Read More

Overcoming Decision Paralysis for a More Effective Community Association

It’s a group effort, so everybody has to feel empowered to be a part of the decision-making process. It doesn’t seem to make much sense. Enterprise companies with deep pockets spare no expense to hire a group of experts to… Read More

Organizations for Community Associations: Why It Matters

An association for associations – the mark of a savvy Florida Community Association Manager. Even though it’s not our first time winning the Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Award, it’s still a tremendous honor. This year there were over… Read More

Community Association Managers: Are They Worth it?

Why Florida community associations should consider hiring a Community Association Manager. What good is an outsider when your board is composed of community residents with a clear, deep seated, investment in their neighborhood? Since it’s likely few or none of… Read More

My landlord hasn’t fixed the serious problem I reported. Can I withhold the rent money?

Tenants can withhold rent until certain repairs are made – as long as it’s done properly. The roof in your apartment is leaking, and your landlord is dragging his feet on making repairs. Can you withhold the rent money until… Read More

What Are KPIs? Should Your Association Use Them?

How to use KPIs for community associations. There’s a lot to be said for taking measurements – without them, the world exists in a fuzzy haze of probabilities. While KPIs, or “key performance indicators” aren’t crystal balls, when properly implemented,… Read More

Jane Bolin Featured on is an excellent resource for HOA and condo board members nationwide. Our own Jane Bolin is always pleased to share her expertise with their team. Some recent articles are shared below. Ready to Pull Your Hair Out? Stress-Reduction… Read More

How an Action for Partition Works Under Florida State Law

It’s Florida’s legal remedy for joint property owners who can’t agree on property management, or whether it should be sold. Real estate has always been a relatively safe investment, which is why a group of friends, family members, or even… Read More

Good Pages Make Good Neighbors

How to use Facebook to connect your community association. In a digital age where people are more likely to connect online than in person, it’s completely possible to live in a community and never see your neighbors. Many community associations… Read More

The Apartment Complex Didn’t Approve Your Lease Application. Now What?

Find out why, but understand that that the apartment complex doesn’t have to furnish you with a specific reason. You’ve done the math. You can afford the rent and related expenses. So, you fill out the apartment complex rental application… Read More


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