Good Pages Make Good Neighbors

How to use Facebook to connect your community association. In a digital age where people are more likely to connect online than in person, it’s completely possible to live in a community and never see your neighbors. Many community associations… Read More

The Apartment Complex Didn’t Approve Your Lease Application. Now What?

Find out why, but understand that that the apartment complex doesn’t have to furnish you with a specific reason. You’ve done the math. You can afford the rent and related expenses. So, you fill out the apartment complex rental application… Read More

How Emotions Infect Healthy Association Board Meetings

What causes otherwise polite people to lose their cool in community associations. A rather unfortunate product of today’s news media fed culture is that – from talk radio hosts, to the nightly news – emotions in conflicts are held in… Read More

Building a New Home in Florida? Know Your Rights About Homebuilder Deposits.

You have two safe choices. Talk about difficult. There are so many decisions to make when you elect to have a new home built. Each homebuilder approaches the process a little bit differently, so it’s not like you can turn… Read More

A Best Practice: Using your CAM as a Buffer for the Board

Your association board should be delegating to the Community Association Manager, not trying to do it all themselves. Ideally your community association board is responsible for the strategic initiatives and rules for the community, and the CAM (Community Association Manager)… Read More

PeytonBolin Founder Releases New Community Association Book

Community associations are corporations (nonprofit, usually), so you should adopt practices successful corporations follow. Smart advice, right? But what does that mean when it comes to your day-to-day operations? Jane Bolin, Esq., founder and chief marketing officer of PeytonBolin, explores… Read More

Florida’s Adverse Possession Laws: Reward for Sweat Equity, or Theft by Land Squatters?

You’ll have to prove 7 years of trespassing without getting caught, for starters. Adverse possession. Ever heard of it? It’s a law on the books in Florida. Depending on how you look at it, adverse possession is either a justified… Read More

Online Communities Can Create Physical Neighborhoods

Using the power of social media to unite and organize communities Communities are like minds – the more connections, and the greater the flow of information, the better they function. The Internet, and more specifically, social media, is an excellent… Read More

No Trespassing, Except to Retrieve Golf Balls: Florida’s Interesting Legal Take on Property Law and Golfers.

In Florida, it’s not considered trespassing to retrieve your golf ball from a private yard. Thanks to the Internet and social media, you’ve no doubt heard some of the collection of strange laws to be found in states across the… Read More

6 Tips for Onboarding a Community Association Board

Setting expectations for new association board members Anytime you have incoming board members to your community association, it is important to set expectations and outline the duties each person will perform. New board members must be brought up to speed… Read More


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