6 Tips for Buying Commercial Property for the First Time

Commercial real estate development is booming in Florida. If you’re thinking about investing, keep these 6 considerations in mind when you’re looking for property and throughout the buying process When you’re buying commercial property for the first time, Florida’s a… Read More

5 Tips for Addressing Neighborhood Safety in Your Association

Neighborhood safety security is always a priority, but even more so during the holiday months. Learn the best ways to reduce risks in your community. Neighborhood safety is a major concern, whether you run a condo association or an HOA…. Read More

Why Hire a Lawyer When Buying a Home?

You may not think a lawyer is necessary when buying a house, but having one on your side will ensure you are protected and avoid legal issues. Buying a house is no small life accomplishment. You’ve probably been saving up… Read More

How Can You Stop a Foreclosure?

When you’re faced with losing a home, it can feel scary and overwhelming. These 5 strategies may help you avoid foreclosure. Going through a foreclosure is no small event. It takes a toll emotionally and financially, and you may feel… Read More

What to Do When You Inherit a Home

Inheriting a house can be exciting, but make sure you take these steps to avoid financial or legal trouble in the process When a loved one passes, you may find yourself with a property that was left to you, or… Read More

3 Tips for Handling Insurance Claims After a Hurricane

Dealing with insurance claims after a hurricane is never fun, but you can make them more manageable by following a few best practices. Hurricanes are terrifying experiences for everyone who encounters them, but even after the storm passes, the stress… Read More

5 Tips for First-Time Condo Buyers

Buying a condo can be a smart first step into the real estate investment game For home buyers who aren’t yet ready to commit to a single-family house, investing in a condominium can be a good way to get into… Read More

Code Violations: How to Ensure Owner Compliance

It’s not easy to get an entire community of homeowners to comply with all the rules and regulations of the association. Here are 4 steps you can take to encourage compliance One of the biggest challenges for homeowners’ associations (HOAs)… Read More

Code Violations: 3 Ways to Get Your Association to Make Fixes

Your HOA or condo association has certain obligations per its governing documents, but what can tenants do if they neglect those duties? Here are some common association violations, and 3 ways owners can push back. One of the advantages of… Read More

How to Assemble the Right Board for Your Association

The board is one of the most important aspects of a successful condo or homeowners’ association. Learn how to assemble the right people for your board and what they should know. Establishing a homeowners’ association (HOA) or condo association involves… Read More


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