A search image signifying a title search process.

Title Search on Florida Properties: Do You Really Need It?

Lenders will require a title search when giving you a mortgage, and the title must be clean for a real estate transaction to move forward. But are they always necessary? Key Takeaways A title search is necessary before a lender approves a mortgage You need a title search to avoid unnecessary legal disputes over your

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Paperwork on a table with coffee as an attorney explains the issues with quitclaims deeds to a client.

3 Issues With Quitclaim Deeds and How to Address Them

Despite their ease of use, quitclaim deeds have some issues you should know about before utilizing them. On the surface, quitclaim deeds are a simple way to transfer property from one person to another. These documents are relatively simple to fill out; your attorney only requires some basic information to help you complete the transaction.

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notebook reading 2021 review with magnifying glass and timer

2021 Real Estate Blog Roundup

We delivered lots of great blog content about the real estate market and buying/selling processes in 2021. Check out our best blogs of the year when you’re looking for answers to real estate questions. 2021 was a big year for real estate, and PeytonBolin focused on answering your most pressing questions. We focused on real

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A power of attorney image signifying its legal implications.

Should You Have a Real Estate Power of Attorney?

A real estate power of attorney is a powerful document in Florida. Here’s everything you need to know about them and whether you need one. Key Takeaways Anyone can use a power of attorney in real estate transactions A real estate power of attorney should meet all of Florida’s legal requirements A power of attorney

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A lawyer explaining terms and conditions to a client after completing a lease review.

5 Terms to Understand When Completing a Commercial Lease Review

Commercial leases are complicated documents that include numerous terms and conditions you need to understand before signing Finding the perfect space for your business to lease is an exciting time, but it isn’t without its share of stress. After all, you could find yourself responsible for moving the entire company to a new location and

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