When Is a Land Trust Necessary?

an attorney writing up a land trust agreement with a client.

Land trusts can benefit proprietors who want to maintain their privacy while retaining the advantages of land ownership. Key takeaways: A land trust is a legal agreement that grants a trustee authority over a property Privacy is the primary benefit property owners receive These documents are entirely customizable An experienced real estate attorney will ensure … Read more

The 3 Types of Powers of Attorney You’ll Find in Florida

an elderly couple signing a document with an agent after learning about the types of powers of attorney.

Learning about the rights and responsibilities powers of attorney hold in the state makes the process more accessible when the time comes. Key takeaways: A power of attorney document provides an agent with control of your finances Various types of powers of attorney are available You’ll want to learn about these documents ahead of time … Read more

A Guide to Buyer Closing Documents When Purchasing a Home

a young couple smiling while signing their buyer closing documents

Buyer closing documents can be overwhelming, but staying organized can reduce your stress levels and help you avoid mistakes. Key takeaways: Buying a home can be stressful, because there’s a lot of documentation to cover. Mistakes can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. Using an attorney to assist can make your life far … Read more

The Top 9 Issues to Look for During Title Searches

A magnifying glass on top of a search icon depicting title searches

If you aren’t familiar with title searches, you may not know what to look for when you’re given one. Here’s what to know about them (and what to watch out for when reviewing one).  Key takeaways: Title searches are necessary for smooth property transactions. They track previous ownership to ensure a seller has the right … Read more

Vital Components to Include in Your LLC Operating Agreement

an LLC operating agreement sitting on a desk with a pen

An LLC operating agreement is a legal document that outlines ownership and member duties, helping your business avoid conflicts in the future. Here’s what else to know about it. Key takeaways: An LLC operating agreement is an important company document. These agreements vary based on industry and organizational structure. Using an attorney to help you … Read more

The Top 7 Differences Between A Residential and Commercial Lease

An agreement form ready for drafting a commercial lease agreement

A lease is a lease, no matter which type of property it is for. There are key differences between a residential and commercial lease, though. Here’s what to know. Key takeaways: Residential leases occur between property owners and residents. Commercial leases happen between landlords and businesses. Residential lease agreements are less flexible. Commercial lease contracts … Read more

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