Your Complete Guide to Mortgage Documents

some mortgage documents sitting on a table with keys and a calculator.

Having these 5 mortgage documents on hand before you apply can streamline the approval process and make it easier to buy a home Purchasing a home or commercial property is a major step in anyone’s life because it can help set you up for the future. The process can also be overwhelming because there’s so … Read more

Opinion of Title: What It Contains and Why You Need One

A photo showing a clean title deed after an attorney gives their opinion of title on it.

The opinion of title outlines a property’s real ownership to make it safe for all parties to proceed with business, and it’s an absolute necessity for many real estate transactions. Key Takeaways You need an opinion of title to meet city or municipality requirements before subdivisions or combinations A skilled real estate lawyer is better … Read more

What You Should Know About Quitclaim Deeds in Florida

quitclaim deeds document on a lawyer’s desk with glasses, a pen, and a coffee

A quitclaim deed is a quick and easy way to transfer your interest in a property to another party Whether you’re selling a piece of property to another person or looking to transfer it within your family, you’ll need to make the process legal in the eyes of Florida’s state government before the new owner … Read more

Do You Need Real Estate Buyer Representation?

An attorney meeting with a couple and offering real estate buyer representation services while examining their contract.

Selecting an attorney to supply real estate buyer representation is advantageous, even if you already have a real estate agent.  A lot goes into purchasing a home. You’ll often begin by browsing the available listings and contacting a real estate agent once you find one that interests you. Some homebuyers will contact the real estate … Read more

7 Reasons to Get Seller Representation

A sold sign posted outside of a home

Don’t try to sell your property alone. Hiring the right real estate attorney helps you take all the right steps to ensure a smooth closing process. Key takeaways:  There are many reasons to hire an attorney as a seller. An attorney can help with paperwork and ensure you avoid charges from the title company. They … Read more

Why a Lease Review Is Advisable in Florida

lawyer completing a lease review with a client in Florida

Having a professional look over your lease agreement before signing it could eliminate future problems Whether you’re renting a home or looking to move your business into an updated commercial property, you’ll have to sign a lease to make the agreement legally binding. This lease shields your rights as a tenant while also protecting your … Read more

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