What You Need to Know About Florida’s Real Estate Doc Stamps

Florida real estate law includes doc stamps — here’s what that means Doc stamps are taxes. In Florida, these taxes are most commonly levied on real estate transfer documents, mortgages, and other promissory notes. Responsibility for this tax varies by… Read More

There’s Frick and Frack…but Who Is FREC?

The Florida Real Estate Commission was created to make sure that real estate professionals and the public work together. You know what they say about assuming things – so, first things first. We did pose the question about Frick and… Read More

Florida Landlords Can’t Help Themselves When It Comes to Evicting Tenants

In Florida, it’s illegal for landlords to lock out tenants, displace their possessions, turn off their utilities, or engage in other hands-on eviction measures. Florida law has been criticized for heavily favoring the tenant. Regardless, the law that’s on the… Read More

KPIs: They Work for Community Associations, Too

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The process of measuring and managing is easy if you do it with key performance indicators. “Good grief! We’re a community association, not a Fortune 500 Company.” It’s what you might be thinking after… Read More

Navigating Florida’s Real Estate Referral Law

5 things you didn’t know about Florida’s confusing referral fee law According to Florida statute Section 475.25(1)(h), if you’re not a licensed real estate broker, broker associate, or sales associate—it’s illegal, in Florida, for any such entities to share, or… Read More

Perception vs. Reality: How to help new community association board members adjust and accept their responsibilities.

What we don’t know, or what we assume, often determines how we approach new places or responsibilities. Where are the cowboys? A visit to Austin, the state capital of Texas, can be confusing to those who think the Lone Star… Read More

Establishing Values in your Community Association

Businesses use vision and mission statements to create a clear understanding of what to focus on to reach their end goal. An association is a business, too. Associations need to view themselves as a business. There’s not much difference between… Read More

Overcoming Decision Paralysis for a More Effective Community Association

It’s a group effort, so everybody has to feel empowered to be a part of the decision-making process. It doesn’t seem to make much sense. Enterprise companies with deep pockets spare no expense to hire a group of experts to… Read More

Organizations for Community Associations: Why It Matters

An association for associations – the mark of a savvy Florida Community Association Manager. Even though it’s not our first time winning the Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Award, it’s still a tremendous honor. This year there were over… Read More

Community Association Managers: Are They Worth it?

Why Florida community associations should consider hiring a Community Association Manager. What good is an outsider when your board is composed of community residents with a clear, deep seated, investment in their neighborhood? Since it’s likely few or none of… Read More


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