7 Ways Association Leaders Can Leave Emotions at the Door

Remember, you’re running a business: Create boundaries, make better decisions, and remain professional by putting personal feelings aside with these 7 tips. The board of directors of an HOA regularly faces challenges with no simple answers — disputes with or… Read More

What You Need to Know Now about Community Associations in a COVID-19 Environment

    What are some things you want your audience to know right now? *Community associations need to pivot just like businesses. *We recommend coming together as a board virtually and looking at budgets. Owners will need to pay assessments,… Read More

Understanding Accessibility Requirements for Your Association

How should you approach accommodations for the disabled in your Florida community? Community managers have many responsibilities within the condo or homeowners’ associations (HOAs). One of these roles is to ensure that all local and federal laws and regulations are… Read More

How HOAs Can Be Virtual During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s how associations are already being affected by COVID-19, and what you can do to overcome some of these challenges As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, businesses are closing, millions of people are being ordered to stay home,… Read More

Getting Assistance: Information and Programs Available to First Time Home Buyers in Southern Florida

Buying a home for the first time is an exciting step, though it can quickly become overwhelming South Florida residents who are purchasing their first home have many important decisions to make during the process. Considerations include state and local… Read More

5 Common Zoning Issues You Need to Know

Zoning regulations dictate how a piece of land can be used, including whether residential or commercial properties can exist in a certain zone Something you may not think about often is the fact that zoning laws impact where people can… Read More

What Power Does My Florida Association Have?

Here are the legal powers and requirements you need to know about for both you and your association Disputes do arise between homeowners and their HOA or condo associations. Whether arguing over paint color, pet, or fee, it’s important to… Read More

What Is a Municipal Lien Search?

Everything you need to know about ordering a municipal lien search and why it’s recommended in Florida When you or your client is thinking about purchasing a property in Florida, an important step in the process is conducting a municipal… Read More

6 Tips for Buying Commercial Property for the First Time

Commercial real estate development is booming in Florida. If you’re thinking about investing, keep these 6 considerations in mind when you’re looking for property and throughout the buying process When you’re buying commercial property for the first time, Florida’s a… Read More

5 Tips for Addressing Neighborhood Safety in Your Association

Neighborhood safety security is always a priority, but even more so during the holiday months. Learn the best ways to reduce risks in your community. Neighborhood safety is a major concern, whether you run a condo association or an HOA…. Read More


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