Six Ways to Fully Use Your CAM

Community association managers have a wide range of experience and expertise – here’s how to use that knowledge to the fullest within your association Hiring a community association manager (CAM) for your association is an important first step in streamlining… Read More

What Types of Trusted Advisors Should Your Association Use?

Hiring a team of trusted advisors ensures you’re making the right choices for your association Running a community association is like running a business. Legal regulations must be understood and followed, insurance claims must be made, cash flow must be… Read More

GDPR and Your Association

The GDPR was implemented last year, which created new data privacy regulations for EU residents and businesses. While your association may not have members who currently reside in the EU, there could be instances when the data of EU residents is collected. Updating practices to comply with the GDPR, or at least reviewing data collection methods, is thus a good idea.

Can a Community Association Manager Help Your Association?

Learn what a community association manager does and what the benefits are of hiring one The role of a community association manager (CAM) is multifaceted. From communicating with the board to directing policy changes and overseeing maintenance, the CAM’s job… Read More

New to Your Association’s Board of Directors?

Here’s what you need to know if you serve on a homeowner or condominium owner association board in Florida Living in a managed residential community has many benefits, like shared social spaces, grounds upkeep, and amenities like sports areas or… Read More

Jane Bolin Featured on is an excellent resource for HOA and condo board members nationwide. Our own Jane Bolin is always pleased to share her expertise with their team. Some recent articles are shared below. New: Three Florida Condo/HOA Associations Are Alleged… Read More

Buy or Rent: How to Determine Which Is Right for You

Understand the arguments for both, and weigh the benefits against your own life priorities A question many adults face in Florida is whether or not they should purchase a home, versus continuing to rent a property. While there are pros… Read More

When Can You Withhold Rent from Your Landlord?

Learn Florida’s laws around refusing to pay rent if your landlord’s been slacking As a renter in Florida, you may be tired of waiting around for your landlord to repair your heater or to install a new refrigerator. If your… Read More

Your Guide to Subletting in Florida

If you’re considering subletting your rental, do so through your landlord and talk to a legal professional if you aren’t sure about your rights If you have to move out before your lease is up, don’t fret. There are legal… Read More

Understand What CC&Rs for HOAs Are

Regulating documents for homeowner associations (HOAs) can be complex and lengthy. Take the time to read and fully understand everything you’re agreeing to. When you buy a home as part of a Florida homeowner association (HOA), the community will be… Read More


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