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Why You Need to Match Security with Tenants

Posted by Jane F. Bolin, Esq. | Jan 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

3 Ways to Match Security with Tenants

In this day and age, private communities are continuously evolving and rules are changing- and our ultimate goal is to make our tenants feel safe at all times. You may think it doesn't matter what security guard you have in your community, but it does. Your security guard interacts with your residents and guests each and every day, so they must feel comfortable with them. It's more than just actually being secure, your tenants and residents must also feel secure.

Check out this list of qualities to take into account when taking steps to match security with tenants

  1. Personalities and mindsets: As we know, first impressions go a long way in any scenario. The security guard is the first person that our tenants see when they leave their homes, the first person they see when they enter the community, the first person their guests see, and therefore, the first person potential new tenants will see when they come to learn about our communities. Hence, it's important to match security guards with the demographic in the community. If you have a more elderly community, you're probably not going to want a guard covered in tattoos and piercings. If the community has a younger crowd, this won't make a difference. Also, older crowds probably would require guards with a bit more patience. Think about your residents before placing a guard and you're less likely to have to replace them.
  2. Tech-savvy: Security systems are becoming more and more reliant on new technology, and you want to have a very savvy guard at communities where technology is implemented in many aspects of the building. If guards don't handle packages and don't have many security cameras to watch, they may not need to be super tech savvy. On the other hand, if you're security system is reliant on the newest technology, then you need a guard who understands how to use it.
  3. Capable of responding properly in emergencies: You need to make sure that your guards are capable of responding quickly to an emergency. Of course this varies depending on the type of community and the residents within it, but in many cases, you're going to need a guard capable of doing more than just sitting in front of a security camera all day. You need someone with the ability to keep calm in an emergency and with the ability to make the residents feel calm.

Seeing tenants smile is one of the ultimate goals of a community and their safety is your main concern. This is why it's important to match security with tenant- it's not enough for them to be safe, they must also feel comfortable with the security guard. Click here to learn more about keeping your community safe.

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