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Private Real Estate Lenders

Florida real estate investment is on the rise and many folks are entering the market by lending funds for real estate investments. Here is how PeytonBolin can help you protect your investment. 

Loan Documents Preparation

  • Drafting loan agreements, mortgages, promissory notes, and other relevant lender documents which protect the lender and accurately reflect the terms agreed upon by the parties.
  • Ensuring compliance with Florida state laws governing lending and real estate transactions.

Due Diligence

  • Assisting the lender in conducting due diligence on the property and the borrower.
  • Reviewing surveys, property inspections, and other important documents to assess the property's condition and value.

Title Examination

  • Conducting a thorough title search to identify any existing liens, encumbrances, or issues that may affect the lender's security interest in the property.
  • Providing guidance on how to address any title defects or concerns.

Foreclosure and Default Services

  • Providing guidance on the foreclosure process in case of a borrower default.
  • Representing the lender in foreclosure proceedings and other legal actions to protect their interests.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

  • Assisting in negotiations with borrowers to resolve issues and disputes out of court.
  • Representing the lender in litigation if disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your investment, explain your options, and help you determine your next best steps. When you hire us, you will always receive one-on-one client attention and representation that helps you get the best outcome for your real estate portfolio.

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