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Organizations for Community Associations: Why It Matters

Posted by Jane F. Bolin, Esq. | Mar 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

An association for associations – the mark of a savvy Florida Community Association Manager.

Even though it's not our first time winning the Florida Community Association Journal's Readers' Choice Award, it's still a tremendous honor. This year there were over 342 nominations, and nearly 6,000 votes, for what the FLCAJ considers to be “the elite of the elite.”

While we're humbled by this recognition, it also made us realize how important it is to be involved in a professional organization for community associations. Being a member represents significantly more than just having your business on a list. It's about being tapped into the industry and providing the best possible services for our clients.

The difference membership makes

There's a multitude of community association management providers in Florida. However, not all of them opt to be a part of an organization of their peers. Membership takes time and an intellectual commitment to continuing their education so they can most effectively serve their communities. It's also a sign of performing up to industry standards.

For example, the Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) offers a Certified Florida Community Association Manager designation that has strict certification requirements. The FCAP requires:

While there's no requirement for CAMs to be certified with an association, it's clearly an indication of professional commitment and service to take the extra step of becoming certified by an organization like FCAP.

How CAMs benefit from professional organizations

Education is a broad term – it can mean everything from formal schooling to self-guided research. When it comes to what CAMs obtain from being in a professional organization, the educational benefits are multi-faceted. Since we're proudly a member of the FCAP, we consider them to be a stellar example of why CAMs (and others involved in community associations) benefit from being a member of an organization like FCAP:

  • CondoJobs support. FCAP members have access to support from Florida's longest running, and most trusted, statewide manager job referral program.
  • A focus on management. Members are able to tap into over 100 hours of online courses.
  • Florida-centric. FCAP training is specific to Florida law and Florida's unique real estate environment.
  • Statewide participation. Florida spans a wide, and diverse, geographic territory. The FCAP has branches in each of Florida's regions, so members can best understand their specific communities.
  • Board member integration. CAMs aren't the only ones who can benefit from FCAP. Board members and community leaders are allowed free access to FCAP courses, further enriching the partnership between management and the boards they serve.
  • A nurturing community of professionals. Association members are encouraged to contribute their years of experience to providing information, and advice to other members.

It's all about the communities we serve

Community association management is more than just adhering to the law. The function of CAMs is to guide and support community association boards, so their communities thrive. It's a collaborative process, regarding one of the most important aspects of our lives: our homes.

At PeytonBolin, we're passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. That's why we continue to invest in the FCAP – anything less would be letting our clients down.

If your community association is looking for a strategic partner that can help your association thrive, we encourage you to connect with us online today. We're looking forward to meeting you and your community!

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