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Unit Owner Advice - Condo or HOA

Community association living is a double edged sword. For some community associations provide amenities and beautiful communities to live in. For others the community association feels like a dictator telling you what you can and cannot do. At PeytonBolin, we understand the issues and work with owners to educate them on what the law provides and how they can best address their issue. 

What kind of issues do we help owners with? 

  • Failure to hold elections or improper elections
  • Failure to maintain common element property
  • Failure to repair units 
  • Decisions of the board that owners disagree with
  • Violation notices and fines defense
  • Recalling the board of directors
  • Collections and foreclosure defense
  • Demands by the association to take actions owners disagree with
  • Demanding records of the association
  • Financial mismanagement or misuse of association funds
  • Financial fraud and kickbacks
  • Disapproval of rentals or sales
  • Termination of condominium
  • Inhabitability of units
  • Anything the association related, we can help!

Our team at PeytonBolin understands community association law from all perspectives - the owners, the boards, the managers and the community.  This helps us to identify the legal issues in the situations are you experiencing. No one calls us because they are happy with their association. We are here to help you determine the best way to approach it from not only a legal view but as a fellow human being. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss your situation, explain your options, and help you determine your next best steps. 

If you have communications, documentation or legal documents for review, you will need paid consultation. This is a low cost alternative and will allow us to review your documentation. Book your 30 Minute Legal Consultation Here.

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