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Building a Successful Relationship Between Property Managers and Boards

Posted by Jane F. Bolin, Esq. | Sep 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

3 Tips for Collaboration Between Property Managers and Boards

When trying to build and maintain a successful community, it is important that property managers and boards to work together to reach their goals, but it's not always easy. It's sometimes hard to see things from someone else's point of view and making a decision is usually more difficult the more people that are involved. So how do board members and property managers work together to effectively run a community? They realize that they are in a relationship that requires some give and take, and they know that their partner's role is just as important as their own.

Here are 3 tips for a successful relationship between property managers and boards:

  1. Set Expectations: You have to be clear on your expectations if you expect someone to meet them. What are the board's duties and what are those of the property manager. When do their roles overlap? What are you trying to achieve as a community and how can working together help you achieve those goals? You need to lay out a clear plan in order to have a successful relationship.
  2. Communicate: Communication is a must. If the property manager doesn't understand the board's vision, how will they put it in motion? Disputes must be settled in a civil manner and communication has to be open. You both have the same overarching goal: to have a successful community. Open communication is the only way to get there efficiently and effectively.
  3. Remember Who is Responsible for What: Don't ever forget what your place is. If the board is responsible for the overall vision, the property manager must remember that their position is to take actions to reach the goals of the board, not necessarily their own. On the other hand, the board must remember that the property manager is responsible for the day to day activities and will likely work better without anyone hovering over their shoulder. Collaboration can be great, but both property managers and boards must remember what their responsibilities are and what they are not.

Whether you're a board member or a property manager, you must always listen to your partner and never immediately dismiss what they have to say. Remember, you both have different strengths and weaknesses and you both have certain responsibilities that fall under your roles. To effectively work together, you must meet your own responsibilities while making it easier for your partner to meet theirs and collaborate efficiently to meet to overall goals of the community.

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